UPC Language Plan 2010-2020

The assessment reports on the 2010–2020 UPC Language Plan are available in the Catalan version of the website. More than 100 language indicators about use of languages, knowledge of languages, reception and interculturality and Language quality.


The UPC Language Plan is a tool for the governance of multilingualism at the University. It allows us to build the University's language model and to establish transversal objectives and actions for improving the knowledge, use, quality and interaction of languages across the UPC.

Vision: languages at the UPC in 2020

  • Catalan, Spanish and English are the languages used at the UPC. As a multilingual university, it has a consensual model that respects the linguistic rights and obligations established by law and meets the institutional outreach and internal communication needs of an internationalized university.

  • The main linguistic strengths of the UPC are the multilingual capacity of its members, the readiness of teaching, services and information in multiple languages, the quality of language in communications, and an open culture that reflects the intercultural character of the University.


  • To promote the use of Catalan, the language specific to Catalonia, in view of the University’s social commitment and its close ties to the local community, ensuring that the UPC is engaged.
  • To promote foreign languages, in particular English, as a means of increasing the international profile and competitiveness of the University and the skills of its graduates, ensuring that the UPC is open to the world.
  • To guarantee linguistic rights and obligations related to the co-official status of Catalan and Spanish and the use of foreign languages, as part of our commitment to the members of the UPC, ensuring that the UPC is focused on people.
  • To establish a firm commitment to multilingualism and interculturality as a means of consolidating the University's proactive approach to the challenges posed by a linguistically and culturally diverse environment, ensuring that the UPC is innovative.

Strategic areas

  • Linguistic capacity. To provide people with multilingual communication skills.
  • Linguistic readiness. To enhance multilingual communication, both oral and written.
  • Language quality. To ensure high standards of multilingual communication.
  • Interculturality. To foster dialogue between people, languages and cultures.