The UPC’s Language and Terminology Service is part of a Unite! workgroup dedicated to multilingualism and multiculturalism. With the rest of the European universities taking part in Unite!, we promote projects to help students increase their linguistic and cultural competence.

Online language and communication courses
We offer virtual courses to learn languages, develop communication skills and achieve intercultural competencies.

Unite! language tandems at the UPC
We run a language programme that connects UPC students and students belonging to other Unite! universities for language exchange.

Intercultural awareness
We create tools and resources to raise awareness of the importance of multilingualism and multiculturalism today.

Student video contest
Fes un vídeo del teu dia a dia a la UPC i guanya un viatge a Lisboa.

All these activities are promoted by Unite!’s Multilingual and Multicultural Centre, an alliance of the partners’ language services and centres.