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Grants for SALSA'M programme coordinators

2016-2017 academic year, first semester

  • Who can apply for the grant
    The grant is aimed at students of the EEBE, the ETSAB, the ETSETB, the ETSECCPB, the FIB, the ESEIAAT, the FOOT, the EETAC and the ESAB.

  • Number of grants offered
    9 grants

  • Requisites
    - Applicants must be enrolled in a bachelor's degree course at the UPC during the academic year in which the grant is in effect.
    - They must have passed 120 credits at the UPC.

  • Languages
    - Oral and written Catalan and Spanish.
    - English level B2.2.
    - Knowledge of other languages is desirable.

  • Intercultural skills
    Intercultural skills and the ability to get on in multilingual contexts are desirable.

  • Personal skills
    Verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work in a team are desirable.

  • Information and communication technologies
    Experience in managing social networks and using Web 2.0 tools is desirable.

  • What the grant involves
    Coordinators participate in the SALSA'M programme by carrying out linguistic and cultural activities and monitoring, coordination, support and dissemination tasks.

  • Functions
    Coordinators are involved in designing and coordinating activities, providing academic support and personal guidance, promoting languages, disseminating language resources, managing social networks, overseeing mentors and coordinating with the other grantholders.

  • Duration of the grant
    4 months (10 hours per week).
    From 20 July to 20 November 2016.

  • Work load
    10 hours per week, 2 of which are for training and follow-up at the Language and Terminology Service.

  • ECTS credit recognition
    Students may apply for ECTS credit recognition:
    - Number of credits that can be recognised: 6 ECTS credits, corresponding to 150 hours.
    - Approximate cost of credits: 36 € (to be paid by the student).

  • Amount of the grant
    Total monthly amount: 236.70 € (including Social Security and income tax). This amount is calculated according to current salary tables.
    In accordance with RD1493/2011, of 24 October, beneficiaries must be registered in the Social Security system and be up to date on contributions for common and professional contingencies.
    Funding for the grants is provided by the International and Corporate Relations Bureau.

  • Registration in the Social Security system
    Applicants must have a Spanish Social Security number when they receive the grant.

  • Grants 2016-2017 academic year, first semester
    - One for FIB students (code 139).
    - One for ETSETB students (code 140).
    - One for ETSECCPB students (code 141).
    - One for EEBE students (code 142).
    - Two for ETSAB students (code 143 and code 144).
    - One for ETSEIAAT and FOOT students (code 145).
    - One for ESAB and EETAC students (code 146).
    - A grant for a general coordinator for EEBE, ETSAB, ETSETB, ETSECCPB, FIB, ESEIAAT, FOOT, EETAC and ESAB students (code 147).

  • How to apply
    How to apply for a grant at the UPC
    Application form

  • Deadline for applications
    10 July 2016.