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What we do

GRI Mission

Planning, advising, organizing and supporting activities and projects in the field of international relations. Designing, scheduling and executin associated processes according to the policies and guidelines of governing bodies and to the legal framework in order to foster institutions loyalty, to promote international mobility, internationalization and UPC’s external projection.

GRI Functions

  • Giving support and technical assistance in developing institutional agreements, and making them up.
  • Making actions to promote internationalization at the University (keeping contact with international staff from other institutions, promoting mobility of the university community, hosting different profiles of international staff, accompany our guests during their visits to our schools, encouraging participation in international fairs, etc. ..).
  • Internationally advertise the excellence of UPC’s areas.
  • Giving visibility to university’s activities, and canalizing business demands towards the different UPC units and groups.
  • Attending and participating in meetings of institutions, university networks, companies, etc.., in order to obtain  synergies and cooperation in common projects.
  • Coordinating and performing actions concerning to our International Policy Plan.
  • Advising teachers about organizing conferences, and give them suport in the process of making logistical decisions.
  • Supporting governing bodies in the search of opportunities to build strategic alliances and develop and monitor strategic projects.