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 Learn languages at university language schools


Courses for UPC students, teaching staff, administrative staff and UPC Alumni members
Enrol in courses and exams at the language schools of the UAB, the UB, the UOC and the UPF at special prices for university members. Consult the courses of each university and choose the option that best meets your needs.

Grants for university language courses and exams
If you started a bachelor’s degree in the 2014-2015 academic year or later, you can apply for a Parla3 grant from the Catalan government for the language courses (€350) and exams (€50) you have passed (call closed(incorrecte)).

Certificates for certifying the foreign language competency at the UPC
Until the 2016-2017 academic year, the UPC issued its own language certificates for courses passed at Merit School and Unicor Languages, the companies that provided courses for the UPC Language Programme until July 2017. From then onwards, the UPC offers language courses through agreements with other universities. Consult the table of valid certificates.

Attainment of the foreign language competency on bachelor's degrees at the UPC

Since the introduction of bachelor’s degrees, the UPC, in its academic regulations, considers the foreign language competency to have been attained in one of four ways. Further information

ECTS credit recognition for language certificates at the UPC

You can have ECTS credits recognised for languages with the same officially valid certificate that you submit to certify the foreign language competency if you obtained it during your bachelor’s degree, in accordance with the credit calculations in the academic regulations.


UAB Idiomes

Logo UABIdentify yourself as a UPC member with your UPC card or enrolment form when you enrol in a language course and you will be eligible for UAB member fees (25% less than the fees for non-members). UAB Idiomes offers German, English, Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese courses through the Language Service, on the Bellaterra Campus, and through UAB Idiomes Barcelona, at the Casa Convalescència (Sant Pau premises) in Barcelona.

UB School of Modern Languages (EIM)


Identify yourself as a UPC member when you enrol in a language course and you will be eligible for UB member fees. You will also be eligible for special offers in September. The EIM offers English, German, French and Italian courses in Zona Universitària, the centre of Barcelona, Badalona and Sant Joan Despí, and remotely, in online and blended learning courses. Now you can also take preparatory courses for English levels B2 and C1 on the UPC’s North Campus.




UOC Centre for Modern Languages

Logo UOC

Enter the code UPCID10UOC when you enrol in a language course to get a 10% discount. Specifically, if you are a bachelor’s degree student and you joined the university in the 2014-2015 academic year or later, use the code UPCPARLA3UOC to be eligible for a 33% discount on standard fees for English, French and German courses from Level A2 to B2. The UOC offers online courses in seven languages.

Idiomes UPF

Identify yourself as a UPC member when you enrol and you will be eligible for UPF member fees. If you enrol before 26 October, you will get a 5% discount. Idiomes UPF offers online courses in 10 languages that are taught by language teachers via video conference and with a great deal of flexibility.