PhD research stay in UPC


PhD research stays are considered a kind of internships in UPC. In order to look for a potential PhD stay, you have to look on your own for a professor that would like to host you here in UPC.

You can try with "futur" : the website of UPC research and professors

Please note that you cannot come for the summer period (in the month of August when UPC is closed), or during the Christmas period (here we have a long Christmas holiday from 24thDecember until 6th January), when UPC is closed due to energy saving and holidays.

Once you find a professor here (and before coming), then you will have to make the corresponding internship agreement for the PhD stay; to be signed by you, your home university and here by the general management. (The professor cannot sign it himself! He has to send it to our service to:
in order that they review the documents and make it sign).

In addition, you would need to book an insurance for your internship stay. From UPC we recommend "Oncampus Estudia":
It costs only 115 euros for the whole period. (independent of sex, age, country of origin, length of the stay).