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UPC Orientation Week for international exchange and master's degree students: September 2022



Important note: Due to the global COVID-19 health alert,
the OW activities will take place in a BLENDED format
(it is, with online and in person activities).


The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) organises different online sessions as a kind of "Orientation Week" (OW). The OW is basically addressed to international students who have to start their studies at the UPC in the 2022-2023 winter semester. (The semester that starts in September 2022.)

The OW includes an institutional welcome, information on compulsory legal procedures, and information about the main UPC services that can be of interest of the students during their stay, and an introductory workshop on Catalan language and culture.

Orientation Week dates

The Orientation Week activities will take place PROGRESSIVELY, between the end of July and during September-October.



All these activities offered by the University are FREE.


The activities will be organised and held in English and Spanish.

"Welcome folder"- carpeta de bienvenida

In this link you will find the web page with the "welcome folder". This web page contains different reference materials that will be of use and of your interest for your stay. Please, explore it and read the documents linked in that web page.


Provisional and orientative information.

*** PHASE 1 : E-mails and online sessions

When? Between 24th and 30th July.
International students will receive different e-mails and links to attend different online sessions, with the following main thematics:

- Accommodation, insurance and transports.

- Compulsory legal procedures (according to the student's profile). We organise different sessions, so that you attend the session that is more convenient for you. Please attend to it; it is important for your stay.

- UPC portals that you have to know for your academic stay.

Note: Additional sessions could be added in August/September, depending on availability. In that case, students would receive an additional e-mail iwth the information.

*** PHASE 2: Presential activities in September; face to face.

When? In some specific dates in September.
- Every day, in the week of 5th September;
- on 23rd September;
- on 27th and 28th September.

- Institutional welcome and general information
- Sessions about legal procedures
- Campus Nord library visit
- Catalan language and culture workshop
- Coffee breack for networking

In the facilities at Campus Nord UPC.
Nearest metro stations: "Palau Reial" or "Zona Universitaria"; L-3 green line.

Further details
International students will receive, in the very last days of July or first days of August, an email with the planning and a link to register in the session that is more convenient for them.
You can attend the date that you want, but please register online, as we have to check the attendance due to COVID and limited spots in the meeting rooms. Thank you.

Registration procedure. How do I register for the Orientation Week?

*** PHASE 1: E-mails and online sessions.
All international students admitted in 2022/2023 at UPC (either for exchange or for a full programme) will receive on 24th July:

- A first e-mail with a link to the online "welcome folder", where you will find different information of interest for your stay.

- And the information about the Orientation Week online sessions, with the invitation with links to attend, through Google Meet.

There will be different online welcoming activities. You can attend the ones you prefer, according to your needs of information. Please try to get as many information as you can in advance, before your trip; to prepare it. So, please try to attend as many of the online sessions as possible.

And what can I do if I have not received this first e-mail at the end of July?
Do not worry and please fill in this online form. We will contact you in the next days*.

Note: These online sessions of the "Orientation Weeks" are in addition to the specific welcoming session that many UPC schools/faculties do for their exchange international students. (For further information about this, if your are an exchange student please contact with your host UPC school/faculty.)

*** PHASE2: Presential, face to face activities.

International students will receive by e-mail, in the very last days of July or the first days of August, the planning of activities and a link to register for the date that is more convenient for them. (Register for one specific OW date, according to the arrival date and avoiding overlapping with the enrolment date or any potential meeting in your host UPC school/faculty).

Note: These online sessions of the "Orientation Weeks" are in addition to the specific welcoming session that many UPC schools/faculties do for their exchange international students. (For further information about this, if your are an exchange student please contact with your host UPC school/faculty.)

Important warning

If you have to cancel your participation and/or exchange stay, please let us know by e-mailing Thank you.

What can I do if I I am arriving in later dates?

If you are arriving in later dates*, please inform your host UPC school/faculty and follow their indications.
(*: I.e. due to visa delays, some exam in your home university, etc.)

Concerning the welcoming activities:
- As this year the first phase of activities of the "Orientation Week" are online and progressive, at the end of July , please try to attend to all those that you can.

In case that for some reason you could not attend the OW online sessions, no problem!... Please , indicating your name and nationality. We will give you the general information and information about legal procedures that we give in the framework of the Orientation Week.
International Students Office (OMI):

- Concerning the presential (face-to-face) activities, these will take place only in the dates indicated above. Should you have any general question at your arrival, please do not hesitat to .

Important note

Please note that OMI office and UPC are closed during the month of August, due to UPC summer holiday and energy saving.

Online sessions of the Orientation Week

Please find here below, in this section, the first online sessions in the "UPC Orientation Weeks" activities. Later on, you will receive the links to the online sessions in your email. If you have any difficulty, please contact us.

We hope that they are of use to you. Please attend as many as you can.


Language/Idioma Title / Título Date /Fecha Hour (in Spain)/ Hora (hora de España) Duration/ Duración
OW- legal procedures for students of the EU, Norway and Switzerland (ENG) [It is, if you have a nationality from France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, etc.]
(Monday) 25/07/2022 10:30h approx. 1h
(Tuesday) 26/07/2022 10:30h approx. 1h
(Tuesday) 26/07/2022 14:30h approx. 1h
OW-legal procedures for non-EU students (ENG) [It is, if for example you have a nationality from China, India, Pakistan, USA, Brazil, etc. ]
(Monday) 25/07/2022 09:00h Between 1h and 1:30h
(Tuesday) 26/07/2022 09:00h Between 1h and 1:30h
Accommodation, insurance and transports
(Wednesday) 27/07/2022 09:00h Between 1h and 1:30h
(Wednesday) 27/07/2022 15:00h Between 1h and 1:30h
UPC portals
(Thursday) 28/07/2022 09:00h approx. 1h
(Thursday) 28/07/2022 14:30h approx. 1h
OW-trámites legales para estudiantes de la UE, Noruega y Suiza [Es decir, si tienes nacionalidad de Francia, Alemania, Italia, Suecia, Polonia, etc. ] (Lunes) 25/07/2022 14:30h aprox. 1h
OW-trámites legales para estudiantes no-Unión Europea [Es decir, si por ejemplo tienes nacionalidad de Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, USA, India, etc.]
(Lunes) 25/07/2022 19:00h Entre 1h y 1:30h, según asistentes
(Miércoles) 27/07/2022 19:00h Entre 1h y 1:30h, según asistentes
Alojamiento, seguro y transportes
(Martes) 26/07 /2022 20:00h Entre 1h y 1:30h, según asistentes
(Jueves) 28/07/2022 20:00h Entre 1h y 1:30h, según asistentes
Portales online de la UPC por confirmar por confirmar aprox. 1h

More information: questions and queries

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
International Students Office (OMI)
E-mail: (subject line "Orientation Week")
Tel.: +34-93 401 69 37
Due to UPC summer holiday and energy saving, the OMI office and UPC closed during the month of August.
General office hours: from Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
And also, from 15th September to 15th June, on Tuesday afternoons, from 15.30h to 17.30h.

We wish you an intesting and happy stay!