Visiting or study abroad students that want to come to UPC


To make a visiting (or study abroad) stay in UPC, you should contact the school where you wish to come (according to your subject area); because UPC is very decentralised. All academic details are managed at the school/faculty level (requirements, deadlines, subjects that you can take, enrolment, etc.).

Please note that not all UPC schools/faculties receive visiting students. Please also note that if you come as visiting student you will have to pay the full fee for the credits that you will make in UPC.

How can I find my potential host UPC school/faculty?
-->In this website you will find the list of the different UPC schools:

And you can find the list of contacts in the UPC schools/faculties in the following link:


If you do not find which could be your host UPC school/faculty, please , and we will try to address you to the potential UPC school(s) where you could come.