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9th December: online information session about the UNITECH exchange program, for UPC outgoing students

Are you interested in learning more about how to join a dynamic and diverse network of career and development opportunities? Check out the UNITECH mobility program website and consult here the presentation done in the (online) promotional session at UPC on Wednesday 9th December.
The session has also be attended by some UPC alumni who have participated in the UNITECH program, who have briefly talked about their UNITECH experience.

The UNITECH program includes an academic exchange, a full year of coaching that will prepare you for professional success, and an internship at one of the companies in the UNITECH network.

The information session has presented the testimonials of some alumni, thus introducing the UNITECH program among UPC* students potentially interested in participating in the 2021-2022 academic year. In this session, information about the application process and selection has been also provided to potential candidates.

(* = Note: The UPC schools / faculties that participate in this program are: EETAC, EEBE, EPSEB, ESEIAAT, ETSEIB, ETSETB, ETSECCPB, FIB.)

Apply online here before 11th January 2021 !


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