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The international championship of technological strategy in metallurgy "Metal Cup" (  is a competition for international teams of students from technology universities and vocational education, for the resolution of cases of the metal industry and the development of projects for this sector The championship started in Russia in 2015 and more than 5,500 people from Russia and other countries took part in 2020. In total, the participants in the championship developed more than 1000 design solutions, and a few ones were selected and received special grants or awards.

The championship is held with the aim of developing strategic thinking and adapting young engineers to the professional activities of metallurgy.
The technique used in the championship is the case study method, which is widely used to solve industrial development tasks. The case used in the championship is a structured analytical review of the current activities of a company (industry) with a direct relationship to work in the real production environment. Championship participants must study the case material, evaluate the production situation, etc. and propose and justify the solution they think the most effective.

The theme for this edition of the championship is sustainable development. Participants must seek solutions in the field, with environmentally friendly technologies, reducing environmental pollution and resource consumption.


- Team members must be between 16 and 35 years old.

- The teams will be made with groups of 3 to 7 students.

- Each team will have a professor (coach) from their university. At the request of a team, it could have up to 3 "coach" teachers.

- The students team will designate a representative or "captain" at the time of enrollment.


Information about Metalcup(obriu en una finestra nova)

Regulations of Metalcup(obriu en una finestra nova)

Metalcup website:

Registration deadline

BEFORE August 1st, 2021.

Registration procedure

Those interested in participating in the "Metalcup" competition must:

1. Register BEFORE August 1 your team (group of students + teacher) on the Metalcup website:

2. In addition, they must send an , BEFORE August 1:

with the title "Team for Metalcup", indicating the list of team members (students+professor who have registered on the Metalcup website).

More information and contact

Directly through the Metalcup website, through the "contact us" section.(obriu en una finestra nova)