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Joint CSC-UPC Scholarships for a PhD programs 2020-2021

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in accordance with the principles of equality and mutual benefit agree to establish a collaborative arrangement for the purposes of providing high quality research training to qualified students from Chinese universities and research institutions with the aim of developing research collaborations.

CSC will support to the selected students from Chinese Institutions to take a full PhD program study at UPC with a maximum of 10 scholarships.

1. General Criteria

Interested students from China can apply for a scholarship to study a PhD program at BarcelonaTech following the subsequent steps:

1.1 Check the PhD website to choose the degree you would like to study:

1.2  Check the general access requirements:

1.3 Send the requested documents to the PhD coordinator. The contact details are available on the website of the program.

1.4 In some cases, the coordinator might ask you to register in the UPC pre-enrollment system. In this case, please fill the registration form and send all the relevant documents in accordance with the instructions of the PhD program.

Please, you must clearly indicate that you are applying for a joint UPC-CSC scholarship

1.5 Once you get confirmation that you are accepted to study  the PhD. the programme coordinator will send your admission letter, your detailed CV in English and your e-mail and postal address to:  

UPC International Relations Bureau

in charge of validate your application.

1.6 International Relations Bureau will send you the official admission letter by e-mail and also by post.

1.7 The deadline to ask for the official admission letter at UPC is on February 14th 2020.

1.8 Then you can apply for admission to the CSC grants in China.

2. Once you have been awarded the scholarship, you should consider the following steps

2.1 Ask for information at the Spanish Consulate to obtain a student's visa for Spain. Please take into account that the procedure may take at least one to two months.

2. 2 Contact the International Students Office of UPC by e-mail:

to ask for the letter about accommodation that the Consulate will require from you. The International Students Office, if your send them your complete name, address, your passport number and a copy of your admission at UPC, may issue a letter for you stating that you will count with the help of an agency,
RESA Housing , to find accommodation in Barcelona. Spanish Consulates usually accept these letters as a proof of accommodation.

2.3 You can find more information about accommodation in Barcelona in the following link: