New system to ask questions to the Spanish authorities in Barcelona

For your legal procedure "TIE renewal"

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Until some days ago, the electronic address to ask questions to the Spanish authorities ("Oficina de Extranjería") in Barcelona was the following one:

The system has changed. From now on, in order to ask questions to the Spanish authorities about the situation of your procedure for of extension of your Spanish stay as a student's permit, or about any other question about your legal status in Spain, you must open a ticket through the following website

In the screen, after indicate your personal data, you must choose in "Oficinas" ("Offices") the option: Consultas Extranjería de Barcelona. After that, in "Consultas" (questions), you should select, for instance, "Incidencia con mi expediente" ("questions about my procedure"), in case you have any question about the state of the extension of your stay as a student permit.

If after one week or so you do not receive any answer, you can use the option you will find in the upper part of the page: "Seguir una consulta" ("Tracking one question") to see the current state of it.