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UPC card

The UPC card identifies you as a UPC student during your stay at the UPC and gives you access to the library and sports facilities.

You should apply for the UPC card when you enrol; after your arrival.
•  lf you are an exchange student, further information will be available at the international relations office of your school.
•  lf you are not an exchange student but a regular student following a full programme, further information will be available at the secretary's office of your department or school.

In addition, if you are one of the following:
• An exchange student who has come to the UPC to carry out the bachelor's or master's thesis, or
•  An international student taking a master's or doctoral degree who has to carry out the master's or doctoral thesis
and you need to use a laboratory, you will have to ask your department to activate your card in order to obtain access to the lab.
lf you need to use a specific laboratory while your UPC card is being processed, ask your department for a provisional access card.

Website of the UPC card: