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Compulsory insurance


In line with the guidelines of the bodies that call for mobility grants, and with the aim of guaranteeing adequate coverage in the event of an accident or emergency, UPC outgoing mobility enrolment ("matrícula") includes the compulsory subscription (obligatory) of an insurance policy. insurance for all students with international mobility.

The policy costs:
a) 79 euros per year for Europe;
b) 99 euros for other destinations in the world except the USA;
c) 449 euros per USA.

The amount of the policy will be paid along with the tuition
("matrícula") for all students, except for those leaving for the USA [i.e., it can be formalized with the tuition in cases (a) and (b)].
Students who go to the USA, will take out their insurance policy directly from the website
of OnCampus studies(open in new window) , and upload it in their personal "e-secretaria", before formalizing the UPC enrolment ("matrícula"), and before leaving to their exchange stay.

When formalizing the registration, the student will be able to consult the certificate of coverages and the data of contact in case of emergency in the section of documentation of mobility of the e-secretaria.

If you may have previously taken out your OnCampus Estudia (open in new window)insurance on the website , for your 2020/2021 mobility, please upload the copy of the insurance to your e-secretary, so that your school can validate it. faculty, and so that you are not charged again when you formalize your UPC registration as a mobility student.

In case of emergency

In case of emergency, contact INTERNATIONAL SOS immediately:
(24-hour helplines)
- From Spain: 91 572 70 17 --- From the rest of the world: +34 91 572 70 17
- Or by email :
- Name and surname
- Policy number
- Address and telephone number
- Description of the problem you have


Documents in English:
Note: If you process your OnCampus Estudia insurance with the UPC registration, within 10 days (once the registration with OnCampus is formalized) you will receive an email from OnCampus, with basic information and your individual coverage documentation (documentation in your name and with your dates of stay).
If you have any questions about your insurance documentation, please contact:

Changes of dates or cancellations of the stay

If you postpone your stay or extend it, contact: