Transportation cards and fines

Fares and special tickets


A one-way ticket for the bus, metro or tram costs €2.20 in Barcelona.

A single ticket allows you to change between several means of transport to reach your destination, but you have to take the next means of transport within 15 minutes of leaving the last one.

On arrival, we recommend you buy the T-Casual travel card, which you can use 10 times (it is not valid to go to the airport), as it works out cheaper than single tickets. You can buy it at metro stations, tram stations, newsagents and kiosks.

There are also many other types of tickets. lf you want to save money, check what kind of ticket or travel card best meets your needs.

Fine for travelling without a valid ticket

Travelling without a valid ticket may be subject to a 100€ fine. (One hundred euros)

Remember to validate your ticket or travel card when you get on the bus, metro or tram.

When you travel by train (Rodalies Renfe) or on the Catalan railway (FGC), you will have to validate your ticket again when you reach your destination.