Eligibility and courses offered

On this web page you will find additional details about the requirements for potential candidates.


Requirement: B2 level in English/Spanish
The EETAC (AeroTelecom School) welcome incoming UNITECH students in its Master programs, which are fully delivered in English. For students interested in the Bachelor programs at EETAC, please check the following catalogue of courses that are delivered in English:



The EEBE offers incoming UNITECH students the subjects listed in this Excel file.


Essential subjects offered by the EPSEB to incoming UNITECH students:

All subjects are worth 5 ECTS credits and are taught in the autumn semester. They are taught in Spanish; therefore, applicants must have B1 level in Spanish to be admitted.


For incoming UNITECH students, the EPSEM offers the following subjects:
- Integración de Sistemas
- Sistemas Automáticos y Robotizados
- Microelectrónica
- Transmisión de Datos
- Generación Eólica y Fotovoltaica
- Seguridad y Secreto en la Codificación de Información
- Inglés Empresarial
- Gestión de la Calidad y Sistemas QSSMA

These subjects are part of the bachelor's degree in ICT Systems Engineering. Information on these subjects is available at:


  • Requirements for admission: a bachelor’s degree or a degree equivalent to the Spanish civil engineering degree from the home university (minimum 180 credits).
  • English: B2 level minimum, C1 level recommended.
  • Subjects offered to incoming UNITECH students:

    The ETSECCPB will also offer two subjects from the master's degree in Numerical Methods in Engineering:
    - Communication Skills 1 (Q3). Language of instruction: English.
    - Entrepreneurship (Q3). Language of instruction: English.


Click on the following link for the courses offered at the ESEIAAT that are taught in English:

(Note: Admission to a course depends on whether there are places available.)


Please check the ETSEIB catalogue and contact with


Please check the ETSETB catalogue and contact with


The FIB offers subjects (taught in Spanish or English) from the following degrees.

  • GEI - Bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering (courses that are in Spanish or English only):


  • MEI - Master’s degree in Informatics Engineering (courses that are in Spanish or English only):


  • MAI - Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence (all courses are in English):


  • MIRI - Master’s degree in Innovation and Research in Informatics (all courses are in English):


Please note that at FIB there are some unavailable courses for exchange students:

  • Bachelor in Informatics Engineering: 1st-year courses (F, FM, IC, PRO1, EC, PRO2, M1, M2) and English coursess (APSS, ASDP and WSE).
  • Master in Artificial Intelligence: Compulsory courses (CI, CV, IHLT, IMAS, IML, PAR) and the elective courses: IDADM DL, MBM, OR, PGM, SEL, URL.
  • Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics: Courses from the Data Science specialization: ADM, BDM, DAKD, ML, MVA, OD and most courses from the Service Engineering specialization, which is deactivated.

There is a general requirement for all incoming students: to comply with the requirements of the UNITECH programme.

IS.UPC (Sustainability Institute)

- Requirement for admission: a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from the home university (minimum 180 credits).
- Language level: B2 level in English and A2 level in Spanish, depending on the subjects’ language of instruction.
- IS.UPC offers incoming UNITECH students the subjects listed in this Excel file. The file includes the semester, language of instruction and campus (11 subjects in total: 6 in English and 5 in Spanish).