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Participating UPC schools


The following UPC schools participate in the UNITECH programme: EETAC, EEBE, ESAB, EPSEB, EPSEM, ESEIAAT, ETSEIB, ETSETB, ETSECCPB and FIB. Students must apply for one of these schools.

Check this website for a map showing the locations of UPC schools.

In the following table, find your potential UPC school for your subject area. Please note that this is only a general reference. Check, according to your level (bachelor's or master's) and the available subjects, which could be your host school/s.

Subject areaUPC school
Aerospace engineering EETAC or ESEIAAT
Aeronautical engineering ESEIAAT
Agri-food technology and engineering ESAB
Automatic control engineering EPSEM, EEBE or ESEIAAT
Biomedical engineering EEBE
Chemical engineering EEBE, EPSEM or ESEIAAT
Civil engineering ETSECCPB
Computer science FIB
Electrical engineering EEBE or ESEIAAT
Electronical engineering ETSETB
Environmental engineering ETSECCPB
Industrial engineering ETSEIB or ESEIAAT
Informatics FIB
Materials engineering EEBE
Mechanical engineering EEBE, EPSEM or ESEIAAT
Production engineering ESEIAAT or ETSEIB
Sustainability IS.UPC (Sustainability Institute)
Telecommunications engineering EETAC or ETSETB


In the part entitled "Eligibility" you will find some additional details about the requirements for potential candidates.

Please also check there which could be the subjects that you could take in the corresponding schools.