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Languages at the UPC


In UPC most of the courses at the Bachelor level are in Spanish or Catalan. There are some few courses in English.
At the Masters' level, there are many programmes entirely taught in English.
Please check the teaching language of the courses you intend to do in UPC during your UNITECH exchange. For this, check the information the UPC schools/faculties in the part entitled "Eligibility".


In addition, in this web page:
you can read some information about the use of languages in UPC.

Language courses

  •  Catalan language courses:

These are subventionned by the Catalan local goverment and have a cheap price. They are run in UPC by the Language and Terminology service.
Please check:


  • Spanish courses:

UPC is a technical university and, for other language courses than the Catalan ones, we have one agreement with other Catalan universities (comprehensive universities that have language departments). You can follow a Spanish course in one of these other universities.
These courses are not for free and prices may vary from one university to another, and depending on the type of course (i.e. intensive or extensive course).
Please read: