The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-UPC do not have rooms or flats of its own for the students.

There is a very big demand of accommodation now in Barcelona. For this reason many agencies have appeared lately to help persons to find accommodation and many of them are reliable, but not all of them.

We can recommend you two reliable  housing platforms that will help you:


These platforms have a wide range of possibilities of housing in Barcelona and surroundings (as in others cities in Europe).

The company BCU Housing can also help you to find a room or a flat in Barcelona. You will find the information about it in the following link:


 If you would prefer to find accommodation in hall of residence, you will find information about them at:


UPC also wants to warn you about an increasing number of alleged housing agencies that require PREVIOUS payment to furnish you a list of available apartments. Many of these agencies are not reliable and, after receiving the payment, they do not offer the stated services.