Coming with your relatives


If your relatives (wife or husband, and/or children) are going to come with you, they have to go to the Spanish Consulate in your country and apply for the corresponding visa (as relative of a student). A tourist visa would allow to your relatives to stay a maximum of 3 months in Spain, but it cannot be extended or turned into another type of visa to stay longer.

The Spanish Consulate will indicate you which are the necessary documents and which are the requirements.

Please note that for a family unit of more than one person (not only the student), you will have to justify enough economic means for the stay of all the family members.

Please remember to bring to Spain, when you come to UPC, a copy of the official document (duly legalised and with official translation) that proves your relation with your relatives. (I.e. certificate of being married, or certificate accreditating that the child is your son/daughter...).