For your academic questions

UPC is a very decentralised university. All academic questions depend from each school/faculty/department.

  • If you come for an exchange (Erasmus, etc.), please contact the international relations office at your UPC host school.
    If you have questions about: the learning agreement, changes in the learning agreement, certificate of arrival, the subjects, the timetable of the subjects, the exams, your enrolment, certificate of departure, transcript of records...

  • If you are a regular international students (coming for a full study programme in UPC), please contact the coordination of your study programme (bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree). There they will help you.
    If you have questions about: admission requirements, procedure, deadlines, your enrolment, the subjects (or your research in Doctorate), transcript of records...

For any other general question or doubt

Do not hesitate to contact us!