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How to make my study plan

In order to prepare your study plan in UPC, please note that UPC is a very decentralised university.

  • Candidates should select all their courses or almost all of them IN THE SAME UPC SCHOOL/FACULTY. Please clearly identify which would be your host UPC school/faculty. (Or main host UPC school). For this, please check here the list of participating UPC schools/faculties.

  • One semester is 30 ECTS credits. In UPC, incoming students usually follow a total between 25 and 32 ECTS credits.

  • Check here further details about eligibility and the courses you can take in each school.

  • Please remember that, for the UNITECH programme:
    - A minimum of 20 ECTS credits must be PASSED in your academic exchange. (Passed, not only registered.)
    - A minimum of 10 ECTS must be achieved from Management/Non-technical Courses. These can be obtained at your Home and/or Host university, during any time of your studies.
    Remember that a course taken during your Academic Exchange may give credits for the Academic Exchange as well as for the Management Credits. (Note: Management credits from Home university cannot count towards Academic Exchange Credits.)

  • Which courses are considered as management courses in UPC?
    The list is now under review. But essentially, in UPC management courses are the ones taught by the department of Business Management ("Organització d'Empreses").
    Note: In ESAB school there are some few courses that also will be considered as management courses. More details in some weeks.
    Note2: Should you have some question about this, please refer to the

  • If you take all your courses in one UPC school but you would need to take just 1 or 2 courses in another UPC school, please take into account the minimum time to move from one location to another.

    The distance between..And...Is approx.
    (in time)
    Walking distance
    or other transportation means?
    Campus Nord
    (ETSECCPB, ETSETB or FIB schools)
    Campus South
    (ETSEIB, EPSEB schools)
    10 Walking distance
    Campus Nord+ South
    (schools: ETSECCPB, ETSETB, FIB,
    EEBE- Campus Besòs 1:20h By bus, or bus+metro
    (They are in opposite parts of the city.)
    Terrassa campus (ESEIAAT school) Campus Nord+South
    (schools: ETSECCPB, ETSETB, FIB,
    1:30h By the local train+ bus/metro
    Campus Castelldefels
    (schools: EETAC or ESAB)
    Campus Nord+South
    (schools: ETSECCPB, ETSETB, FIB,
    1:15h By the local train+ metro
    Campus Manresa (EPSEM school) Campus Nord+South
    (schools: ETSECCPB, ETSETB, FIB,
    2:15h By the local train+ bus/metro

    • Please note that the study plan that you will prepare now for your application is only a draft. Only after being selected and with admission confirmed, the study plan will be validated. There could be slight changes in the study plan; according to what you have approved or not in the spring semester, availability of courses in the autumn semester, overlapping in your timetable, etc. When you arrive, you have 2-3 weeks to make changes in your Learning Agreement if needed. (With the validation of your host UPC school and your home university.) This is very frequent; 80% of exchange students doing exchange in any university need to make some change in their L.A.