Fees, grants and payment options


Each year, the Department of the Presidency of the Government of Catalonia publishes a decree in the Official Gazette of the Catalan Government establishing the fees for the provision of academic services at public universities with regard to homologated qualifications. These fees vary depending on how experimental the qualification is. This degree also establishes the fees for other university services, such as the issue of transcripts, enrolment and academic record charges, or the issue of degrees. These fees cover about 15% of the real cost of the qualification, as they apply to homologated and, thus, subsidised, courses. You can view the full text of the Decree on Public Fees at: http://www.upc.edu/sga/ca/matricula/preus/decret-de-preus-publics (in Catalan and Spanish).


As a bachelor's degree student you can apply for Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD) grants to cover credits enrolled for the first time and if your income and academic performance make you eligible. You can apply also for EQUITAT grants from de Catalonian Government.

Payment options

Consult the option for paying in two or three instalments offered by the UPC. The instalment options are as follows:

  • For semestral enrolment, 60% of the enrolment fees are paid when you enrol and the remaining 40% are paid in mid-December (enrolment in the first semester) or early April (enrolment in the second semester).
  • For annual enrolment, 40% of the enrolment fees are paid when you enrol, 30% in mid-December and 30% on 1 March.