Summer courses

Summer courses in the UPC Language Programme

Learn Catalan language,for beginners and for all levels. Some are online courses. Learn Spanish language at Catalan Universities.

General public
June 2021

XII Summer School MESIO UPC-UB

This Summer School is a specialised training programme that complements the professional and research training of the interuniversity master's degree in Statistics and Operations Research (MESIO UPC-UB).

University community | General public
June - July 2021

Catalan Summer University on Nature

EXPLORATORI: Natural Resources organises various summer courses on themes related to using natural resources and art and nature. Taught by BKC teaching staff from the UB and the UPC and other specialised professionals, the courses will take place in the Berguedà.

General públic
July 2021

Summer School 2021 Robotics & AI

The main objective is to disseminate robotic knowledge and experimentation to the technological community.

General public
June 2021