1. UPC, IED and ESADE students at CERN come up with solutions for sustainable development

    The students are using CERN’s most sophisticated technologies to come up with new products and services in collaboration with Ideasquare and the Innovation Department of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). Tracking systems that...
  2. NASA’s InSight probe with UPC technology on board lands successfully on Mars

    On 26 November, NASA’s InSight probe landed successfully on Mars with UPC technology on board. Researchers from the UPC’s Micro and Nanotechnologies Research Group participated in the design of the wind sensor that travelled on the probe, which will...
  3. The UPC will advise on the creation of a new School of Architecture in Egypt

    On 26 November the UPC signed a cooperation agreement to advise on the implementation of the European University in Egypt (EUE), which will be based in the new capital of Egypt. Through the Barcelona School of Architecture, the UPC will participate...
  4. A nanosatellite developed at the NanoSat Lab of the UPC has been placed in orbit with six experiments on board

    The launch, funded by the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC), took place at 5:28 a.m. from the Sriharikota space base (India)
  5. The ANYWHERE project will showcase their major achievements in Brussels

    The Centre of Applied Research in Hydrometeorology (CRAHI) of the UPC is coordinating the ANYWHERE project, aimed at establishing a pan-European multi-hazard platform for faster analysis and anticipation of weather-induced risks prior to event...
  6. Students from the UPC, ESADE and IED jointly search for solutions to mental illness in Healthcare Solutions Hackathon

    A toothbrush to monitor the amount of lithium in the blood of people with bipolar disorder, a device to improve the follow-up of people with severe psychiatric disorders, or an application to help mitigate anxiety crises are some of the projects...
  7. Strategic alliance of the UPC with Shaoxing University

    On 20 November, the UPC and Shaoxing University signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of a technology transfer centre at the Chinese university and the promotion of 10 joint research projects on textile and civil engineering. The...

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