1. Power electronics solutions to modernise the power grid

    The UPC’s CITCEA coordinates the European iPLUG project, under the Horizon Europe programme, to develop power electronics solutions to allow a smooth integration of multiple renewable sources, energy storage systems and loads in the distribution...
  2. ICFO awarded the National Innovation Award

    The award from the Department of Research and Universities of the Government of Catalonia and the Foundation for Research and Innovation of Catalonia (FCRi) recognizes the creation of ICFO’s technology spin-off, LuxQuanta.
  3. Unite! will work with Ukrainian universities on the green transformation of campus

    The Unite! alliance, of which the UPC is a member, will work with Ukrainian universities on developing a green campus model. The aim of the collaboration is to contribute to Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction process and its integration into the...
  4. Using technohumanism to solve social challenges: UPCArts Dialogue at CASA SEAT on 31 January

    On 31 January at 6 p.m., CASA SEAT will host the first UPCArts Dialogue of the year, which will focus on Fusion Point, an innovative educational experience promoted by the UPC, ESADE and IED Barcelona to address real social challenges. The event...
  5. 'La caravana de los Errantes', by Raúl Gonzálvez, wins the 2022 Miquel Barceló UPC Science-Fiction Award

    Written by Raúl Gonzálvez del Águila, 'La caravana de los Errantes' won the 2022 Miquel Barceló UPC Science-Fiction Award, which is organised by the Board of Trustees. The award was presented at an event on 16 November. It was broadcast live on...
  6. The UPC joins EIT Manufacturing

    The University joins forces with the largest innovation network in Europe, EIT Manufacturing, to collaborate in future endeavours and share knowledge and expertise.
  7. Unmasking the microscopic fingerprint in finite-temperature features of a one-dimensional Bose gas

    A team of researchers from the UPC in Barcelona and the EPFL in Lausanne have built a new theory to explain finite-temperature properties in terms of microscopic excitations of bosons in one dimension.
  8. 1-minute exposure to monochromatic light modifies neural connections

    A study led by researchers from the UPC’s Terrassa School of Optics and Optometry (FOOT) shows that 1-minute stimulation with blue, green or red light activates several visual and non-visual brain regions. The study opens new avenues for better...

The news published before September 2017 are available in the Press Room Archive

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