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Erasmus Mundus master's degree in Risk Assessment and Management of Civil Infrastructures (NORISK)

Barcelona School of Civil Engineering (ETSECCPB)

The Erasmus Mundus master's degree in Risk Assessment and Management of Civil Infrastructures (NORISK) will provide students with advanced knowledge and skills to work and develop a professional career in assessment, management, reliability and risk analysis, monitoring, digitalisation and intervention in civil infrastructure, particularly that which supports human activities and/or is considered critical, such as infrastructure connected to energy, transport, communications, water, health, defence and national security, and the banking and financial sectors. In fact, risk assessment, combined with concepts such as reliability, robustness, resilience and sustainability, is a keystone of optimised asset management that is cross-sectional to all this infrastructure and all these sectors.

NORISK will exploit the common denominators that exist in all these sectors by addressing risk assessment towards better management. Therefore, this programme addresses the following key areas in the management of civil infrastructure that are not being conveniently addressed in the general curricula of classic bachelor’s and master’s degrees:
  • Risk assessment and management.
  • Reliability and resilience.
  • Management and decision-making tools.
  • Monitoring and digitalisation.
  • Assessment and intervention.
The consortium involves four higher education institutions with noted educational experience in composites: Universidade do Minho, Università di Padova, La Rochelle Université and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
Duration and start date
1 academic year, 60 ECTS credits
Timetable and delivery
Language of instruction

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General requirements
Academic requirements for admission to master's degrees
To enrol for an interuniversity master’s degree coordinated by a university other than the UPC, you must enrol through the coordinating university:
Universidade do Minho (Portugal)

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