Mission and vision

Mission, vision and values of the UPC


To contribute to building a sustainable and fair world through research, technology transfer and knowledge dissemination and by producing engineering, architecture, science and technology graduates who are able to think critically, work in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams, adapt to change and keep learning throughout their lives.


The UPC, a Catalan public university that is both rooted in the territory and an international point of reference, serves society, works for inclusion and instils the vocation to serve, ethical values, intellectual rigour and a commitment to building a sustainable and fair world; it promotes the most appropriate teaching and learning methods for each educational environment and discipline, and transfers and disseminates the knowledge generated through research to society.

As UPC students, staff and alumni, we aspire to form a lifelong community that is active, dynamic, egalitarian and collaborative.


The UPC's values are social engagement, a cooperative spirit, professionalism, critical thinking, sustainability and truthfulness, and they complement the UPC's mission and vision.