Students with started bachelor's degree abroad

For the students who have started a bachelor's degree in a foreign country (not completed) and want to continue their studies in the university, the way to apply is different depending on the number of credits susceptible to be validated for the school where they want to do the transfer: 

  • Students who can validate at least 30 ECTS credits must apply for the admission directly in the school of UPC where they want to continue their studies. These students don't need to do the pre-enrolment. They should validate at least 30 ECTS of compulsory subjects from the studies where they want to apply for admission. The specific number of places availables for this way are responsibility of the school. More information in the schools of UPC.

  • Students who validate fewer than 30 ECTS must do the regular pre-enrolment but applying only to the school that has made them such recognition and they have to submit the certificate validation study issued by this center.

  • Students who can't validate any credit, can access to the university through the regular pre-enrolment process for students coming from abroad. More information in Generalitat de Catalunya