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Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering Technologies (taught in English)

Barcelona School of Civil Engineering (ETSECCPB)

New social, environmental and economic models and scenarios pose significant challenges that make it necessary to adapt current structures and systems such as mobility management, transport and logistics systems, large infrastructure management, water supply, energy sources, waste reduction and environmental protection.

The world is changing and it needs professionals who are able to provide innovative and creative solutions from a global perspective using the knowledge of the twenty-first century. Civil engineering is an essential part of this development towards the societies of the future. It contributes to the improvement of people’s quality of life, environmental protection and economic growth.

The bachelor’s degree, which is taught at the Barcelona School of Civil Engineering, produces graduates who have a multifaceted, versatile approach and a solid grounding in basic sciences. The bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering Technologies will provide you with a solid grounding in both science and engineering tools and technologies that will fully prepare you for the master’s degree in Civil Engineering.

In the final year of the bachelor’s degree you will be able to choose the optional subjects that most interest you and acquire skills as current and sought-after by companies as those involved in big data, smart cities, modelling and entrepreneurship.