The UPC generates knowledge and transfers it to the production sector to increase businesses' capacity for innovation and competitiveness. In addition to this kind of collaboration, which is often international in scope, the UPC also specifically attends to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises that want to innovate, by becoming their main technological partner. The University's corporate relations consist of high-value innovation services, such as research projects, the generation and exploitation of patents, the use of facilities and tailor-made training.

innovación tecnològica

Technological solutions

We help businesses to grow their projects by providing the expertise of our researchers for new research and innovation projects.


Talent recruitment

We promote the employment of the best future professionals through student work placements, Industrial Doctorates and graduate recruitment.


Parc UPC

We facilitate businesses' research and innovation with a wide range of cutting-edge facilities, services and equipment on UPC campuses.



We offer university and lifelong-learning programmes and pathways that are tailored to professionals and the needs of business.


Sponsorship and patronage

Organisations, institutions and businesses associate with the UPC in order to forge long-term alliances to contribute to the dissemination and innovation of technology.


Premium company chairs

Chairs that sponsor a variety of training and research projects in areas of interest for both the companies and the University.

  • 1,924companies and organisations in agreement
  • 13 founded companies
  • 18 company chairs
  • 906 new research projects
  • 13 registered patents last year
  • 141 research groups

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