Human Resource Strategy for Researchers at the UPC

What is HRS4R?

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In 2013, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech received the European Commission's Excellence in Human Resources Research Award in recognition of its ongoing commitment to adopting the European Charter for Researchers principles and the Code prof Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. These key EU documents set out guidelines for European universities and institutions to improve researchers' recruitment and working conditions, making research careers in Europe more attractive and accessible.

In particular, the European Charter for Researchers outlines the roles, responsibilities, and rights of researchers and their employers.

To help research institutions adapt to the principles of the Charter & Code, the Commission established a procedure through which institutions interested in fully adhering to these principles could design and implement their own Human Resources Strategy.

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The HRS4R Team

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Under the supervision of the Vice-Rector's Office for Quality and Language Policy, the staff involved in the management, improvement, and monitoring of the HRS4R are grouped into two groups: the Steering Committee responsible for defining the work guidelines and monitoring the progress of the action plan, and the Task Force responsible for the implementation of the defined actions.

The Steering Committee comprises the persons responsible for the vice-rectorships of Quality and Language Policy, Teaching and Research Staff Policy, Research Policy, and Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The members of the Steering Committee also include the people in charge of the staff and research areas. Finally, the person in charge of the Task Force is also a member of the Steering Committee.

The Task Force comprises the team leader and one member from each unit: Staff Service, Office of Sustainable Management and Equal Opportunities, International Relations Bureau, Libraries, Publications and Archives Service, and Communication Service.

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Procedure Steps

Fases del procedimiento

Strategy and Action Plan

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Per the HRS4R guidelines of the European Commission, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech is currently renewing its HR Excellence in Research: implementation of an enhanced action plan. This Strategy has nearly 40 steps that, once completed, will significantly boost the University's aspirations towards fully adopting the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

The Task Force has implemented several crucial actions proposed in our Strategy and Action Plan, including the creation of a talent attraction website, the development of a code of ethics and a research integrity code, the update of the UPC equality plan (2022-2026), the publication of the Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment Policy (OTM-R), among many other actions. All these resources are available in Catalan, Spanish, and English. The aim is to provide candidates for research positions with a detailed overview of the working conditions, support services, and training opportunities at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech.

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OTM-R Policy

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Open, transparent, and merit-based processes (OTM-R) ensure the recruitment of the most suitable person for the position, thereby achieving greater equality, improving the competitiveness of national research systems, and strengthening international collaboration and cooperation.

OTM-R is now a top priority in the European Research Area (ERA) and a cornerstone for recruiting researchers.

The Open, Transparent, and Merit-based Recruitment Policy (OTM-R) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech is based on the fundamental principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

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