The career path for Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) and Research Staff (PI) at the UPC

Positions for PDI and PI

Figuras del PDI

The UPC has a wide variety of Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) and Research Staff (PI) positions in accordance with national and regional legislation. The diversity of figures allows UPC staff to find the best fit for their professional career.

Calls and Access

Concursos de acceso

All the information about the calls for Teaching and Research Staff (PDI) and the offers for Research Staff (PI) can be accessed through the UPC website. You can also access the rules, regulations, and legislation related to competitions and access..



At the time of recruitment, the position winners will have an intranet with all the necessary information during their first months at UPC. On it, they will find information about the services for the attachment, financial information, the professional career at UPC, available training, health services, etc.

PDI and PI Training

Various units of the UPC offer a wide range of courses, seminars, and workshops to improve the knowledge and skills of its staff.

Formación del PDI



The ethical perspective at UPC permeates all academic activity at the University.


Política lingüística

Know the use of languages at the UPC (Catalan, Spanish and English).

Open Access

Datos abiertos

The UPC maintains a policy of access and open data through its portals FUTUR (scientific production) and APRÈN (teaching production).



The Equal Opportunity Plan provides for actions to promote equity in the academic career.