Academic requirements

1. An official Spanish university qualification or an official university qualification issued by a university in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that qualifies the holder for admission to a master's degree.

2. A qualification issued by a university in a country that is not in the EHEA. If the qualification has not been homologated, the UPC will verify that the course of study corresponds to a level of education equivalent to an official Spanish university degree and that the qualification obtained would provide admission to a master’s degree in the country in which it was awarded. This access route in no way implies the homologation of the qualification or its recognition for any purpose other than admission to the master's degree. The master's diploma will, however, be fully and legally valid.

In addition to these general access requirements, which apply to all master's degree courses, specific admission requirements may be set for each programme.

3. Master's are also open to UPC bachelor's degree students who have not awarded the bachelor's diploma because they have not completed the bachelor's thesis and up to 9 ECTS credits (including credits pending recognition or transfer) or they have not yet attained the cross-disciplinary competency in a foreign language, if applicable.

The school responsible for a master's degree may set additional conditions on credits pending for these bachelor's degree students, or prevent them from gaining admission via this route.

Under no circumstances will students be awarded a master's degree without having first been awarded a bachelor's diploma.

4. Holders of an official university diploma corresponding to curricula in accordance with the first additional provision of Royal Decree 822/2021 may be considered for admission to a master's degree provided that they

  • hold an official undergraduate diploma;
  • hold an official university diploma.