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Master's degree in Sustainability Science and Technology

University Research Institute for Sustainability Science and Technology (ISUPC)

The master’s degree in Sustainability Science and Technology aims to provide students with advanced interdisciplinary training to help them understand the interactions between society, the economy and the environment. Graduates will also have a sound understanding of scientific and technical options and trends for tackling key challenges for the sustainable development of current socio-environmental systems.

The course will train students to become entrepreneurs and agents of change in the field of sustainable development. Based on their specialisation in areas related to biodiversity, the environment, the built environment, services, the production system and information management, graduates will be able to design, implement and evaluate sustainable solutions in different fields of engineering and technology. They will work in various cultural and professional contexts, applying a transdisciplinary approach based on scientific and technical rigour.

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Duration and start date
Two academics years, 120 ECTS credits. Starting September
Timetable and delivery
Mornings. Face-to-face
Fees and grants
Approximate fees for the master’s degree, excluding other costs, €5,533 (€8,300 for non-EU residents).
More information about fees and payment options
More information about grants and loans
Language of instruction
Please, check the schedule (http://cts.masters.upc.edu/en/academic-information/schedules) for more information regarding which subjects are taught in which language.
Official degree
Recorded in the Ministry of Education's degree register
General requirements
Academic requirements for admission to master's degrees
Pre-enrolment period open.
Expected deadline:  06/07/2021.
How to pre-enrol
How to enrol
Legalisation of foreign documents
All documents issued in non-EU countries must be legalised and bear the corresponding apostille.
Double-degree pathways at the UPC
  • Master's degree in Sustainability Science and Technology + Master's degree in Sustainable Intervention in the Built Environment (MISMeC)
Double-degree pathways with foreign universities
  • Master's degree in Sustainability Science and Technology  + one of the following master's degree from Pontificia Universidad Católica in Peru (PUCP):
  • Maestría en Desarrollo Ambiental
  • Maestría en Gestión de los Recursos Hídricos 

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