MOOC Course: Zero Living

Transformative learning towards a societal model and personal lifestyles that have less environmental impact is one of the main challenges of our time.

The objective of the course is to transmit the knowledge generated in the field of housing and sustainable lifestyles to society by virtual means, through the activities of the LOW3 Living Lab.

  • Start date: to be defined
  • Duration: to be defined (10 weeks)
  • Hours per week: to be defined (6 hours per week)
  • Language: English / Catalan / Spanish
  • Contact:

The following abilities will be attained:

  • To know and understand the basic concepts needed for a critical view on different lifestyles and domestic architectures, and to know how to assess them through the collection and evaluation of energy data and environmental impact parameters.

  • To analyse and assess the potential of solar energy technologies (such as solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems) and technologies for the treatment and reuse of rainwater and grey water applied to housing.

  • To acquire knowledge about sustainability indicators such as one’s own ecological footprint, the carbon footprint and the energetic payback of solar technologies.

  • To collect and evaluate real data related to one’s own home or other dwellings in specific case studies regarding concepts such as resource and materials consumption, bioclimatic performance of buildings, energy saving and generation potential and water saving and reuse potential.