MOOC course: Technoscience and Science Fiction: from King Kong to Einstein

We will use science fiction as a way to learn about sciences like math and physics, and technologies like informatics and engineering at a school, high school and university level. The course is inended for students, teachers and any citizens interested in science and technology.

To show the potential of the science fiction, in his different manifestations (cinema, literature and comic), to motivate, to be of interest and to invest negative attitudes towards the science; to develop critical thinking and the scepticism, the basis of the scientific method, to encourage reflection on  technological and scientific progress; to help the participants to re-discover the pleasure of the reading; and to increase the scientific literacy of society.

  • Start date: 1 June 2018
  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • Dedication: 4 hours per week (it includes viewed of short clips and recommended movies and readings)
  • Language: Catalan
  • Contact:

To considering and answering questions as: might superhero as Batman glide with his bat-cap? Might a giant gorilla like King Kong be so big? Is the noise of the ships heard in the space? Have all the planets of the saga Star Wars the same gravity? Is it possible to be like the invisible man? Is it possible to become a time traveler? Have we been in the Moon or not?
The science fiction with his speculations is a magnificent tool that can train us and to prepare ourselves to live in the world of the future that the science and the technology are changing.