MOOC course: The Language of Engineering

The course "The Language of Engineering" consolidates the fundamental concepts and tools of basic essential materials in university studies, especially in the first years of scientific and technical qualifications. Calculation of primitive, static and dynamic, conical perspective and dynamics of chemical reactions are examples of language or material that the student must accustom. Therefore, this is a course marked crosscutting. It is also useful for the preparation of entrance exams to college.

The five modules containing the course are: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing and Automatic Control.

It is designed to allow participants to find their own way within the course. Each of the key areas in which it divides each module has an initial questionnaire to determine the level of knowledge of the subject. Depending on the outcome can choose facets that best suit your needs. Therefore, this course is ideal for students who start a first university course as well as for those who need to review some module.

  • Language: Spanish
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On this course you will acquire the fundamental knowledge needed to follow classes without any problems in the first years of an engineering degree.

You will learn to understand and practise a range of concepts related to mathematics, physics, chemistry, technical drawing and automatic control that will allow you to be well prepared for university study.

The course is designed in a way that allows participants to find their own way through the course. Each of the modules into which the course is divided features an initial questionnaire that is designed to reveal how much students know about the topic. They can then choose the modules that best suit their needs and decide whether to do a whole module or just revise certain concepts and practise applying them. Therefore, the course is ideal for students who are starting university and any who need to refresh their knowledge of any of the modules.