1. Two UPC NanoSat Lab missions, ready to be launched into space

    Students from the UPC’s NanoSat Lab travelled to Berlin and successfully completed the final integration of the 3Cat-4 nanosatellite into the Exolaunch deployer that will bring it to space on the European launcher Ariane 6 maiden flight, scheduled...
  2. The UPC incorporates eight new master's degrees in emerging fields into its course offerings for the 2024-2025 academic year

    The UPC is launching eight new master’s degrees in engineering, architecture, science and technology for the 2024-2025 academic year. These programmes are being incorporated into the University’s course offerings, which include 92 master’s degrees,...
  3. The UPC in the top 25% of the QS World University Rankings

    The QS World University Rankings have ranked the UPC 371st in the world, among the top 25%. It also continues to be the 9th university and the 2nd technical university in Spain, and the 4th university in Catalonia. Regarding indicators, it is ranked...
  4. Fractus Unveils New Talent Support Initiative at Fractus-UPC Deep Tech Hub

    The initiative includes scholarships, prizes and challenges for hundreds of students in various engineering fields. Fractus is also committed to promoting female talent in STEM disciplines and supports the Top Rosies Talent programme, which focuses...
  5. How do fish choose their leaders? The answer lies in speed

    Researchers from the UPC’s Department of Physics have studied leadership dynamics in schooling fish, discovering that speed is key: individuals tend to align with faster neighbours and ignore slower ones. The study is featured on the cover of the...
  6. Design an experiment to be conducted in zero gravity

    The Barcelona ZeroG Challenge is an international competition in which teams of students are asked to design and build an experiment to be conducted in microgravity. The registration period ends on 30 June 2024.
  7. The UPC, the best Spanish university in research and innovation according to the U-Ranking

    In the latest edition of the U-Ranking the UPC appears as the top-ranked Spanish university in research and innovation. It has also taken second place among Spanish universities in teaching and in the overall classification.
  8. A new edition of the competition '#HiloTesis: your doctoral thesis on social media'

    Publish your thesis with the hashtag #HiloTesis in 20 posts or less on social networks between 1 and 15 June. Use simple, accessible and engaging language!

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