1. Five UPC projects to fight pandemics

    Identifying risk factors that affect the evolution of COVID-19 patients; analysing the transformation of Barcelona into a “fragile” city during the state of alarm; using drones to control capacity at events; implementing measures to increase the...
  2. The Miquel Barceló UPC Science Fiction Award call for entries underway until 1 April

    The UPC’s Board of Trustees announces the 26th UPC Science Fiction Award, an international competition that from this edition on is named after late professor Miquel Barceló, the promoter and soul of the award. The deadline for submitting works is 1...
  3. Dyeing irrigation water to study the impact of freshwater on bivalve farming in the Ebro Delta

    A team of UPC and IRTA researchers have developed a model to determine the dispersion of freshwater discharges that reaches the El Fangar bay by using rhodamine, a tracer dye that is water soluble and harmless. The experiment will provide further...
  4. The UPC university community regrets the loss of the architect Ricardo Bofill

    The UPC university community offers its condolences for the death of the Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill, one of the most important representatives of international architecture, whom the University awarded an honorary doctoral degree on 30...
  5. Registration for the 2022 UNIRUN race is open

    Registration for UNIRUN, the Catalan university race, is open until 8 March (max. 5,000 entries). The race will take place at the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona on 13 March at 9.30 a.m. Participating students can obtain ECTS credits.
  6. Reusing 1 kg of clothing saves 25 kg of CO2 according to a study by INTEXTER

    The UPC’s INTEXTER has conducted a pioneering analysis to calculate the share of fibres used in the clothes that are dumped in textile collection bins. The study uses an innovative methodology and is therefore more accurate than other approaches so...
  7. The commitment to European education, technology and entrepreneurship moves forward with Unite! alliance

    What is the future of the Unite! alliance? What steps must the universities in the alliance take to lead the transformation of European higher education in the coming years? How must they move towards a new model of innovative and multidisciplinary...
  8. A UPC-led project to restore European coasts with natural solutions and blue carbon underway

    The Maritime Engineering Laboratory (LIM) of the UPC is leading a European project to restore the coast and adapt it to climate change. It is a shock plan for the next four years funded by the European Union under the European Green Deal. Pilot...

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