1. Technological cooperation at the UPC to fight COVID-19

    Low-cost ventilators, ICT technology to manage the spread of the pandemic, a campaign to collect tablets and mobile phones for isolated patients in hospitals... The UPC is providing 145,000 euros in funding to support 20 local- and...
  2. During the state of alarm the UPC will not suspend student rights in the event of non-payment of enrolment fees or add any late payment charges

    Students may submit a reasoned request to delay payment of outstanding enrolment fees, which will be responded to considering the reasons stated. Car parking charges and Sports Service fees are suspended during the period of lockdown.
  3. ATENEA Exams launched

    AteneaExams is the UPC’s tool for non-face-to-face exams during lockdown.
  4. Statements regarding coronavirus (COVID-19)

    This page contains the main statements and updates published by the UPC on the coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency and the instructions and resources that have been made available to meet the aims of the measures related to the state of alarm.
  5. UPC’s plan for ending the lockdown approved

    The UPC's Governing Council on 14 May has approved the plan for ending the lockdown and progressively reinstating face-to-face activities on UPC campuses. The four-stage plan will be adapted to the evolution of the pandemic and health authorities’...
  6. The percentage of COVID-19 cases diagnosed in Spain rises to nearly 10% of the population infected

    A multidisciplinary research group of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) and the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) has analysed the diagnostic delay between the development of symptoms of COVID-19 and the...
  7. Online information sessions on master’s degrees

    UPC schools have scheduled online information sessions to discuss and answer questions about master’s degrees in engineering, architecture, sciences and technology.
  8. Four aims in the new stage to end the lockdown at the UPC

    Due to the ongoing health emergency, the rector, Francesc Torres, has posted a new video statement (with English subtitles) on the UPC’s YouTube channel adressed to the university community to inform about the step-by-step plans to end the lockdown.

The news published before September 2017 are available in the Press Room Archive

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