Message from the rector, Francesc Torres, to UPC students on the occasion of the new academic year

One step away from welcoming the new academic year, the rector of the UPC, Francesc Torres, explains that safety measures are being updated to safely start academic activities on a video aimed at students and published on the University’s YouTube channel. He also reminds that, although the 2020-2021 academic year is expected to be unusual, the UPC will continue to prioritise face-to-face teaching, especially for first-year students, practicals, workshops and laboratories.

Sep 10, 2020

The video statement by the rector of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC), Francesc Torres, can be viewed on this page and on the UPC’s YouTube channel. You can find the transcript of the video below.

“Dear students,

I hope you had an enjoyable summer break. At the University we have reinstated activities and are on the verge of welcoming the new 2020–2021 academic year, which is also expected to be unusual.

This week we are updating safety measures for the beginning of the academic year with the help of school directors, our experts—such as Clara Prats and her BIOCOM group—and university and health authorities. At the UPC we will continue to prioritise face-to-face teaching, especially for first-year students, practicals, workshops and laboratories. We will also strive to provide face-to-face induction support to new students and more mentoring, as well as other support services, such as the new UPC Students app. 

Wearing a mask in all the activities carried out at the University is now compulsory. Therefore, we are distributing these masks  to all the UPC community. As a student, you can pick up yours at the library on your campus. We are increasing hygiene and ventilation measures in common areas and adapting classrooms, like this one, to better meet the requirements of all the modes of teaching delivery. 

Every school will have a person in charge of managing the traceability and communication of the pandemic. UPC students will be requested to sign a statement, which contains all the measures to be followed, especially when a potential infection is detected in face-to-face activities. Students will also be asked to avoid congestion, to remain in common areas, to enter classrooms in a staggered manner and to always follow professors’ instructions.

We are updating infographics and signs based on the latest health authorities’ advice. I would also recommend you to regularly check the COVID channel on the UPC website.

Never before has the UPC community needed unity this much in its commitment to solidarity. This year the UPC will celebrate its 50th anniversary and we are convinced that our social commitment will make us stronger in the face of adversity. We stand firm in our commitment to quality teaching and research. And this year we feel better prepared to face any new challenges. I wish you all as smooth an academic year as possible. Thank you for your attention and support”. 

The rector, Francesc Torres