The TETRAMAX European project to improve technology transfer in ICT

The Data Management Group (DAMA-UPC) of the UPC is participating in the European project Technology Transfer via Multinational Application Experiments (TETRAMAX), whose goal is to implement the European Smart Anything Everywhere initiative in the field of ICT technologies, particularly those aimed at the internet, in order to promote innovation based on technology transfer experiences.

Nov 20, 2017

The TETRAMAX project, led by RWTH Aachen University, Germany, has a budget of €7 million and 22 European partners. The project, framed within the Horizon 2020 European funding programme, will last four years. Its aim is to implement the European Smart Anything Everywhere initiative in the field of personalised and low-cost computing applied to cyber-physical systems and to the internet of things (IoT) through three broad types of activity.

First, the project aims to boost innovation by stimulating, organising, co-financing and evaluating several technology transfer experiences in the field of ICT technologies. These ‘application experiments’ will connect SMEs, financing entities and international universities to facilitate the implementation of information and communications technology (ICT) with a very low risk for companies. Added value developed in the European Union will thus be provided to new users and to the large markets of ICT industries through innovative technologies. These experiences will take the form of cross-border bilateral projects, technology transfer projects that involve the entire value chain (including the placing of products on the market), and entrepreneurship projects.

Second, a new European network of Competition Centres (CCs) formed by the technology partners of the consortium will be created and developed in order to offer technological mediation, specific technical assistance and training in IoT technologies. By building this network it is intended to promote the exchange of technologies and technology solutions and to open new opportunities for technology transfer. The goal is that the CCs will evolve naturally towards the creation of regional digital innovation hubs.

Finally, by providing funding TETRAMAX aims to enhance the long-term self-sustainability of this network. The ultimate goal is to create a reinforced ecosystem-type infrastructure that is profitable and capable of providing knowledge, services and a continuous flow of innovation at the European level, with a strong regional presence.

The DAMA-UPC group, an antenna of southern Europe

The UPC is participating in the project through the Data Management Group (DAMA-UPC)  of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) which will be the CC in southern Europe in the field of managing information from IoT sensors and mobility platforms. As a member of the TECNIO network, the DAMA-UPC will act as an antenna and enhancer for the project thanks to the fact that it is already collaborating with other CCs that are members of the consortium. The Group is part of the Innovation and Technology Centre (CIT UPC), which brings together all the UPC centres that are members of the TECNIO network of the Generalitat de Catalunya.