The UPC launches '#looopers', a science and technology dissemination project on YouTube

The UPC is launching '#looopers', a project aimed at disseminating knowledge related to the University’s areas of work: architecture, engineering, science and technology.

Jan 09, 2019

By publishing a series of videos on the University’s YouTube channel, the project aims to offer content that is rigorous but communicative, using an informal format that is easily understandable by an audience without specialised knowledge.

The videos will be aimed especially at a young audience (the natural users of YouTube) in order to generate interest in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)’s courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture and Mathematics (STEAM). This objective will be reflected in the format and tone of the videos, the subjects to be dealt with and the profile of the participants: UPC researchers and students, ideally young people with a capacity for synthesis and for communicating their passion for their fields of expertise.

This new series of videos also aims to consolidate the UPC’s image as a university of reference in the STEAM fields.

Search for YouTubers who belong to the UPC
Although production work has already begun on some videos, the University has made a call for participants in the Looopers project: researchers or doctoral students who are passionate about science and technology and are good communicators. A selection of applicants will be made to participate in the project.