The UPC launches #looopers, a science outreach series on YouTube


Carles Araguz, a researcher in aerospace technologies at the Department of Electronic Engineering, is the first youtuber of the series

“Nanoquè? Nanosatèl·lits!” (Nano-what? Nanosatellites!) is the first video in the series that the UPC has launched on its YouTube channel. Teaching and research staff and students have collaborated to reach out to young people and encourage them to take up STEAM vocations.

May 23, 2019

What is a nanosatellite? What instruments does it contain? What are its applications? These are some of the questions that Carles Araguz, a researcher in aerospace technologies at the Department of Electronic Engineering, answers on the video “Nanoquè? Nanosatèl·lits!”, which you can watch on the University’s YouTube channel. This is the first capsule that the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) has released within the framework of the scientific and technological outreach project #looopers.

The video was recorded in two locations on the North Campus in Barcelona: the Plaça de Telecos and the Nanosat Lab, the Nanosatellite and Payload Laboratory at the UPC. The Nanosat Lab belongs to the Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering and is equipped for validating in clean conditions the components and technology that travel into space with these small low-cost satellites. In these facilities, in which he is currently working on the research for his thesis, Carles Araguz presents nanosatellites in a fresh and amusing way. The young researcher is carrying out his research within the framework of the doctoral programme in Signal Theory and Communications.

Attracting teen audiences
The UPC has launched the #looopers series through the University’s YouTube channel with the aim of disseminating the scientific and technological knowledge that is generated in its areas of knowledge and promoting STEAM vocations (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics). You can watch the video on UPCTV.

Every month, #looopers will answer questions and reveal curiosities regarding these areas through short videos, with which it intends to embrace the latest trends and the preferences of a teen audience.

The series features UPC teaching and research staff and students who are passionate about these fields. Upcoming videos in the series will deal with topics such as artificial intelligence, the true scale of the solar system, bacteria used to recycle mobile phones and the reason why plants have no brain.