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Commitment to academic integrity at the UPC


The object of assessment is to evaluate the progress of students towards attaining the competencies set in the curriculum, as well as allowing feedback to be provided to

students on their learning process. In this context, academic fraud in activities that are subject to assessment leads to a loss of trust in students’ abilities and a devaluation of
their learning. The foundation for ensuring quality in teaching and the learning process is joint responsibility and a commitment to academic integrity.


As a student enrolled at the UPC I agree:



Trust in your own intellectual abilities and cite other authors correctly, acknowledging their contributions. Do not purchase academic works or ask anyone to produce them on behalf of another, and do not copy ideas, data or exact words without citing their source.


2. Not to commit FRAUD.

Demonstrate your own achievements. Produce an original piece of work for every submission and assessment. Accept the professor’s corrections as part of the learning process. Do not copy others’ work, ask anyone to do your work, fabricate results or use devices that are prohibited in activities that are subject to assessment. Do not reuse previous academic works.


3. To act HONESTLY.

Demonstrate your own abilities. Do not collaborate with any other student beyond what is specifically called for by the professor. Do not allow any other student to copy your own answers in assessment activities or submissions, and do not assent to complete any academic task for any other student.


Commitment to respecting and following the protection measures implemented at the UPC

Being part of a community at an organisation such as the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) entails joint responsibility as regards the objectives and projects of the institution and the measures established for self-protection and the protection of the health of all the members of the community.


As a student enrolled at the UPC I agree:

  • To follow the instructions that the UPC gives, in coordination with the health authorities, at all times.


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