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European Union students: registering as an EU resident

Instructions about how to obtain the Register Certificate as European Union citizen resident now in Spain.

The Spanish authorities state that all the European Union citizens that are going to live in Spain for more than 3 months should do this procedure. In case your stay here does not reach the 6 months, you could decide not not do it if you do not need it for some other procedure (like asking for the Bicing, for instance).

On the other hand you should take into account that the period to do this procedure is only during the first 90 days of your stay in Spain. It you try to do it later, the Spanish authorities can reject your application.

SPECIAL CASE: The students born in South America but that have the nationality of one of the European Union countries (expect the ones that have Spanish nationality that doesn't have to do this procedure) must register as citizens of the European Union. When gathering the required documents (specified in "General instructions"), they should take into account a very important thing about their health insurance.

As they had not lived in the European Union before, they cannot obtain the European Health Card that the students born in one of the countries of the European Union bring with them from their country. They have to submit the evidence of having a private health insurance but police will accept only their health insurance if it has an unlimited coverage. So it won't be accepted a coverage up to a certain amount of expenses, as many health insurances have.

See the attachments:

- General instructions

- How to make an appointment

- Application form EX-18

- Sworn statement about economic means to stay (if you are neither Erasmus, nor Erasmus Mundus student)