Academic requirements

General academic access requirements

1. An official Spanish university qualification or an official university qualification issued by a university in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that qualifies the holder for admission to a master's degree.

2. A qualification issued by a university in a country that is not in the EHEA. If the qualification has not been homologated, the UPC will verify that the course of study corresponds to a level of education equivalent to an official Spanish university degree and that the qualification obtained would provide admission to a master’s degree in the country in which it was awarded. This access route in no way implies the homologation of the qualification or its recognition for any purpose other than admission to the master's degree. The master's degree will, however, be fully and legally valid.

In addition to these general access requirements, which apply to all master's degree courses, specific admission requirements may be set for each programme.


Specific admission requirements and criteria

In addition to the general requirements, specific admission requirements and criteria may be set for given master's degrees. These specific requirements may include specific access qualifications, requisites for foreign languages, and bridging course requirements.

In all cases, what is taken into consideration includes the weighting of the academic record.

The selection process may also include an examination and an appraisal of the candidate's CV. Further information is available on the master's degree website.


Qualifying master's degrees and access criteria

Admission to master's degrees that qualify the holder to practise a regulated profession is open to candidates who meet the general requirements described in points 1 and 2 and also hold one of the following:

  • A bachelor's degree that is part of an academic programme comprising a bachelor's degree and a university master's degree.
  • A bachelor's degree that qualifies for professional practice as a technical engineer in the relevant discipline.
  • An official degree that does not qualify for professional practice as a technical engineer in the relevant discipline but which does meet the access conditions stipulated in the corresponding ministerial order.
  • A bachelor's degree in another discipline, provided that they complete the bridging courses (if any) foreseen in the validation report.
  • A degree previous to the EHEA, in which case bridging courses may be necessary as stipulated in the corresponding ministerial order and the UPC's academic regulations.

Conditional admission when the bachelor's thesis is pending completion

Bachelor's degree students who have not completed their degree because they have not yet defended their bachelor's thesis may be granted conditional admission. They will be admitted definitively if they have been awarded the bachelor's degree on 30 September. These students may enrol later than the deadline set by the school or university research institute.

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