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Bachelor's degree in Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies

Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Centre (CITM)

The objective of the bachelor's degree in Digital Design and Multimedia Technologies is to train professionals who are capable of designing and developing multimedia and interactive digital products, content and services that require a high degree of innovation and creativity. The bachelor's degree provides an interdisciplinary perspective on the areas of programming for different media and devices, artistic creation, design and audiovisual production, animation, project management and communication applied to the interactive applications industry, within a robust framework of technical and scientific training in multimedia technologies. The degree makes students especially aware of the recipients of the content and applications, as well as encouraging critical reflection on digital technologies, including the advantages of particular technologies, the context in which they are applied and their social and ethical implications.

During your studies, you will learn to design and produce projects, develop interactive and immersive virtual and augmented reality applications and environments, tangible interactive installations, web solutions, mobile applications, video games, interactive advertising, visual effects and images and videos based on 2D and 3D content. You will also have the opportunity to participate in projects and creation laboratories with leading companies in the digital industry. The training you receive will enable you to learn about the latest trends in the digital market and prevailing business models, enhancing your ability to adapt to a constantly changing technological world.
4 years
Study load
240 ECTS credits (including the bachelor's thesis). One credit is equivalent to a study load of 25-30 hours.
Language of instruction

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Fees and grants
€6360 (academic year)Consult the public fees system based on income (grants and payment options).
Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Centre (CITM)
Registration and enrolment
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Legalisation of foreign documents
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Third course

  • 3D Animation 6
  • Audio Design and Editing 6
  • Digital Culture, Ethics and Society 6
  • Electronics and Multisensory Interaction 6
  • Post-Production 6
  • Programming Visual Environments 6
  • Project III: Video Games 6
  • Research Methods and Statistics 6
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality 6
  • Web Development II 6

Fourth course

  • Advanced 3D Modelling and Animation 6
  • Advanced Audiovisual Postproduction 6
  • Advanced Business Project 6
  • Advanced Mobile Application Programming 6
  • Advanced Sound Design 6
  • Bachelor's Thesis 12
  • Business 6
  • Creation Lab 6
  • Creative Programming 6
  • Data Display 6
  • Digital Entertainment and Video Game Design 6
  • Distribution and Digital Marketing 6
  • Emerging Technologies and Artificial Intelligence 6
  • Expanded Audiovisuals 6
  • Generative Art with Processing 6
  • Mobile Application Development 6
  • Real Time Narrative 6
  • Serious Games Design 6
  • Stop Motion 6
  • Transmedia Production 6
  • Visual Effects (Vfx) 6
  • CompulsoryECTS
  • OptionalECTS
  • ProjectECTS
Professional opportunities
  • Expert in web design and development.
  • Expert in the design and development of apps for mobile devices.
  • Designer and developer of virtual and augmented reality applications.
  • UI/UX designer.
  • Designer and developer of interactive installations.
  • Designer and developer of creative digital experiences in new formats.
  • Expert in audiovisual production and post-production.
  • Visual effects artist and programmer.
  • Multimedia application designer, producer and programmer.
  • Interactive virtual environment programmer and designer.
  • Video game designer.
  • 3D designer.
  • 2D and 3D animator for video games and digital content.
  • Digital and multimedia design project management specialist.
  • Audiovisual content designer and manager for project marketing and communication.
  • Film and television video editor and producer.

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