Four aims in the new stage to end the lockdown at the UPC

Due to the ongoing health emergency, the rector, Francesc Torres, has posted a new video statement (with English subtitles) on the UPC’s YouTube channel adressed to the university community to inform about the step-by-step plans to end the lockdown.

May 07, 2020

A new statement from the Rector's has been posted (with English subtitles) at the UPC’s YouTube channel addressed to the university community.

Rector's Statement (07/05/2020)

Transcribed content of the Rector's Statement:

Dear all,

It seems that we have gone through the worst of the health emergency. I hope that you and your loved ones are in good health and spirits. It is now time to start looking ahead. During the past few weeks, we have been working on a plan to end the lockdown step by step. The plan has incorporated, as far as possible, the contributions of different groups at the UPC. We hope it will help us to progressively and safely resume our activities soon.

The Executive Council envisions four aims in this new stage:

First, to take care of our community. To establish the necessary measures for risk prevention. Also, to be sensitive to the specific needs of the people most affected. We are proposing new student equity grants. The plan also includes specific actions for UPC staff. Please pay attention to announcements from your schools and units.

We can say that the distance teaching carried out at the UPC during the state of alarm is on track. I wish to highlight the efforts made by the UPC’s professors, researchers, students and administrative staff, which have brought us up to this point. Therefore, the second set of aims is to address specific issues, to prepare for the end of the academic year and, most importantly, to plan for the next academic year considering the most probable scenarios.

Third, the plan for the end of the lockdown sets out measures to resume face-to-face research and technology transfer activities. Also, to reopen laboratories to resume the face-to-face teaching that had been postponed. We will prioritize the most critical activity, always under strict prevention measures.

Finally, as a public university and as a technological benchmark, we have an obligation to contribute to a more robust welfare state, to look to the future and to transmit confidence to society. With our panels of experts, the public administrations and the private sector, we must play a key role in the social and economic rebuilding of our country. What type of society do we want after the pandemic? We believe that it must include stronger public services and a more robust and diverse, and less interdependent, economy that generates jobs locally and is strategically self-sufficient.

As a university, our role in training competent professionals is key, but so is training citizens who uphold the values of peaceful coexistence and democracy. Now more than ever, as public servants, our commitment, our mission, is crucial in giving more opportunities to the coming generations. Thank you all very much for contributing with your efforts to making our common goal a reality.

The Rector,
Francesc Torres