The UPC climbs positions in the 2024 QS Sustainability Ranking and is placed as one of the world’s 150 best universities

The new edition of the QS Sustainability Ranking places the UPC as one of the world’s 150 best universities, specifically in 143rd place. The ranking also places the University among the world’s top 100 in governance, in 79th.

Dec 21, 2023

The 2024 QS Sustainability Ranking was published on 5 December. The ranking measures institutions’ contribution in three major dimensions of sustainable development: environmental impact, social impact and—for the first time—governance. The 2024 edition ranks a total of 1,397 universities worldwide, with 493 located in Europe and 38 specifically from Spain.

In the overall list, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC) climbs positions and is ranked 143rd in the world (in the 2023 edition it was ranked in the 191-200 band).

Regarding the three dimensions analysed, the UPC is ranked as follows:

130th in the world in environmental impact, a category that recognises the efforts that universities are making to transform the planet for the better, whether through its research into areas such as the environment and climate science, a strategic focus on climate mitigation and how impactful its alumni have been in creating a more sustainable world.

This is evaluated based on three performance lenses: environmental education, in which the UPC is ranked in 136th place; environmental research, in 124th; and environmental sustainability, in 265th.

255th in the world in social impact, which recognises the actions that institutions are making to transform society for the better, whether through equality measures, providing strong outcomes to graduates and ensuring that students have a great experience whilst under their care.

This is evaluated based on five performance lenses: equality, in which the UPC is ranked in 318th place; knowledge exchange, in 107th; impact of education, in 467th; employability and opportunities, in 373rd; and health and wellbeing, in 260th.

Among the world’s 100 best universities in governance. Specifically, it is ranked in 79th place.

The ranking has analysed this dimension for the first time ever, recognising the effort of universities in implementing good governance policies, practices and strategies. The ability to meet SDG commitments is recognised by the UN as contingent upon the coordination and implementation of good policy and practice through good governance. It is also the category in which the UPC achieved its best score—91.5 points out of 100.