1. The UPC steps on the accelerator

    On 11 and 12 November, the six teams of UPC students who have designed and built electric vehicles to participate in university competitions attended Expoelectric, a meeting point to encourage energy saving and efficient driving.
  2. Candidates launch the campaign for the 15 November election of the rector

    Professors Enric Fossas and Francesc Torres are the two candidates to become rector of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in the elections of 15 November. The election campaign started on 31 October and will end on 13 November.
  3. The UPC proposes key actions to advance towards a new energy paradigm

    The UPC has developed a roadmap that sets out the strategic lines it will pursue in research and technological development to help move beyond the energy paradigm that has prevailed for the last 150 years, which is based on growing use of...
  4. Statement by the rector of the UPC regarding the political conflict in Catalonia

    On 26 October, the UPC’s rector, Enric Fossas, made a statement regarding the current political conflict in Catalonia.
  5. UPC presents EMPRÈN UPC Terrassa, with support of Terrassa City Council

    The UPC and the Terrassa City Council have signed an agreement to create a facility called EMPRÈN UPC Terrassa—an initiative that will help UPC students make their business ideas a reality, foster entrepreneurial talent, attract investment, and...
  6. The UPC launches its new website

    The University has completely renewed its website. The content has been restructured to facilitate usability and the site has been made more visually attractive. The new responsive design automatically adapts the content to any mobile device.
  7. The UPC adheres to the work stoppage in Catalonia to reject the violence against citizens on 1 October

    The UPC expresses its rejection, indignation and strongest condemnation of the unjustified and unjustifiable episodes of violence committed by the Civil Guard and the National Police in Catalonia on 1 October.
  8. Declaration of the UPC against the unjustified and unjustifiable violence

    In response to the episodes of unjustified and unjustifiable violence in Catalonia in the last few hours.
  9. The Besòs Coast Sustainable Territory project receives a grant from the ERDF

    Besòs Coast Sustainable Territory, a regional specialisation and competitiveness project in which UPC researchers are participating, will receive a subsidy of €555,500 from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) that will cover half the cost.
  10. The rector calls elections for the post of rector of the UPC

    On Tuesday 26 September, the rector of the UPC, Enric Fossas, who has held the post since December 2013, called the elections for rector of the University, which will be held on 15 November, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The votes will be cast in...
  11. 56 cooperation projects under way in year Centre for Development Cooperation (CCD) turns 25

    Fifty-six development cooperation projects are getting under way at the UPC. The projects are supported by the Centre for Development Cooperation, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and 165 members of the university community are...
  12. Statement by universities and research centres in Catalonia

    On 21 September, the highest representatives of universities and research centres in Catalonia issued a statement in view of recent actions by the Spanish government in Catalonia.
  13. The UPC is among the 300 best universities in the world in Arts & Humanities in the THE WUR ranking

    In the same field, the UPC is also ranked among the 165 top universities in Europe and is the top technical university in Spain and the fifth university in Catalonia.
  14. Ricoh España and the UPC’s CIM Foundation inaugurate a cutting-edge centre for 3D printing technologies

    On 19 September, Ricoh España, a leader in technology and digital transformation, and the UPC’s CIM Foundation, an organisation whose mission is to generate and transfer knowledge of engineering and technology management to professionals and...
  15. 200 ‘ICT women’ from around the world meet at the womENcourage conference

    The UPC has hosted the 2017 international womENcourage conference, a scientific and networking meeting in which over 200 students, researchers and professionals linked to the field of computer science have participated. The conference, which took...
  16. The UPC is the top Spanish technical university in the 2018 QS Graduate Employability Rankings

    The UPC is placed as the top technical university in Spain in the 2018 QS Graduate Employability Rankings. In this edition, the UPC is the second university in Catalonia and the fourth in Spain. It is among the top 120 in the world and the top 41 in...
  17. UPC patents system for cardiovascular pre-diagnosis—in under a minute—based on contact with user’s hands or feet

    The UPC patented an affordable, easy-to-use electrocardiograph that can provide a cardiovascular pre-diagnosis in less than a minute. It is the first system to measure both the electrical activity of the heart (electrocardiogram) and its mechanical...
  18. UPC technology in the design of a road safety barrier that reduces maintenance costs and the impact of accidents

    Researchers belonging to the Concrete Structure Technology research group of the UPC, along with the companies GIVASA, SERVIÀ CANTÓ, EIFFAGE INFRAESTRUCTURAS and Applus+ IDIADA, have designed and built a prototype of a concrete crash barrier for...
  19. UPC rises 46 places in QS World University Rankings 2018

    Once again, the UPC ranks amongst the world’s top 300 universities as it did two years ago. It holds 275th place on the QS World University Rankings 2018, published on 8 June. The UPC ranks 120th in Europe, in Spain it is the sixth ranked university...
  20. A device with mobile games and remote medical monitoring for at-home pelvic floor rehabilitation

    As part of the European WOMEN-UP project, the UPC and the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (Spain), along with the Academic Medical Center (the Netherlands) and Kuopio University Hospital (Finland), will soon carry out the clinical trial of a system...
  21. The UPC continues to be the top Spanish university in obtaining funds from the Horizon 2020 programme

    By activity, the UPC scores high in grants from the European Research Council (ERC), from Marie Curie actions and from the programmes dedicated to environment and climate action, security, and information and communication technologies.
  22. Scientists from the UPC investigate reconfigurable and programmable metamaterials

    Creating materials with programmable electromagnetic properties, called software-defined reconfigurable metamaterials, is the goal of the scientists working on the European VISORSURF project, in which the interdepartmental group NaNoNetworking...
  23. MareNostrum 4 begins operation

    The MareNostrum 4 supercomputer has begun operating and executing applications for scientific research. Provides 11.1 petaflops of processing power for scientific research.
  24. UPC cements position as Spain’s top university in innovation and technological development

    According to the 2017 edition of U-Ranking, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) has maintained its position as Spain’s top university in innovation and technological development in the performance ranking and moved up to number one in the...
  25. Among 100 most innovative European universities

    The UPC ranks 84th and is the top Spanish technical university in Thomson Reuters’ ranking of Europe’s Most Innovative Universities – 2017, a list that identifies and ranks the educational institutions doing the most to advance science, invent new...
  26. Leadership of a European project aimed at using ultrasound to produce antimicrobial textiles and devices on an industrial scale

    Researcher and professor Tzanko Tzanov, who works on the Terrassa Campus of the UPC, is the leader of the European PROTECT project, which focuses on applying ultrasound technology in the industrial-scale manufacture of textiles and devices coated...
  27. Terrassa hosts the AMBER laboratory for ultra-high-voltage electrical tests

    The AMBER laboratory is a research centre equipped with cutting-edge technology for electrical energy analysis and testing. Inaugurate by the Motion Control and Industrial Applications (MCIA) research group of the UPC and the company SBI CONNECTORS,...