Departaments and research institutes and centres

The basic and applied research carried out at the UPC's departments, institutes, centres and laboratories marks the meeting point between scientific inquiry, innovation and technological development. These units work to promote a culture of research, innovation and entrepreneurship and establish knowledge networks with researchers and research groups around the world.



At the departmental level, the UPC's teaching and research staff organise and coordinate undergraduate and postgraduate courses in one or more knowledge areas and oversee the associated research activities.

Instituts de recerca

University research institutes 

The UPC has five university research institutes under direct control of the University, one an affiliated institute that carry out scientific and technical research in specific knowledge areas. It is also home to two mixed and two interuniversity research institutes.

Centres recerca

Research centers and laboratories 

The UPC's research centres and laboratories serve requests from public bodies and private companies, working in a variety of specific fields. Some of them belong to the Network of Technological Innovation Support Centres (TECNIO), which is made up of public and private technology centres of recognised excellence.

Entitats vinculades de recerca

Associated research entities

They are legally independent centres set up by the UPC in partnership with other public or private institutions, in which the University maintains a significant interest.